Josh is currently a compositing supervisor at FuseFX.

He balances his time bidding and helping producers, leading talented artists, helping on set and finishing shots.

Recently his work on The Orville season 2 was a part of the submissions that brought FuseFX an Emmy Nomination.

Previously, he was the compositing supervisor on several shows at CoSA VFX including

The Walking Dead, Lethal Weapon and The Reverie. He balanced his time leading a team of artist, helping on set

and assisting in budgeting and time management and department growth.

Josh was the onset VFX supervisor for 2 seasons of the Emmy and Golden globe nominated show, Jane the Virgin.

Among the regular responsibilities and tasks, he thoroughly enjoyed working with new guests directors and DPs

and building camaraderie with the cast and crew.

Josh has supervised dozens of commercials receiving two Telly Awards for his commercial work.

He loves making the impossible come to life and collaborating with other talented artists and storytellers. Josh has no problem navigating the complex web of conflicting creative voices, technical and creative challenges, looming deadlines and the need to stay on budget. His expansive technical knowledge and expertise allows him to set the bar high when dreaming up the vision and direction for a new project knowing he'll be able to lead his team to create work that will exceed the clients' expectations, make the team proud of what they've accomplished, and awe audiences with cutting edge visuals. Josh enjoys staying on top of new developments within the visual effects community, and makes sure to always be refining his skills. Above all else, his passion and love for visual effects as an art form is apparent to all as he effortlessly leads his teams to create visuals even they didn't know they were capable of creating.


Josh has been a Sr. Compositor at 6 award winning vfx houses.

He's very well balanced with experience in Features, Television and Commercials.

Deploying a wide arrange of techniques, he can makes sure even the hardest shots are finished.

Josh was the Lead compositor at Prologue on the Feature Film, Non-Stop, starring Liam Neeson.

During this time, Josh helped with the color pipeline in-house to ensure correct colorspace and output.

He takes joy in both the artistic and technical side of visual effects. He loves color, composition and a clean Nuke script.


Currently, Josh is a mentor for the 2019 Interns at FuseFX.

Over the years, he has taught 6 courses for FXPHD in Nuke and Modo.

Josh has also taught at the UCLA Digital Media Summer Camp in 2015.

He occasionally uploads free training to YouTube about Nuke and Modo.