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16 Years of VFX Experience. I've worked commercials, television and feature films almost equally.

I understand the flow and needs of each. I believe the variety has given me a well rounded approach and a strong creative eye. Ultimately though, I always put the needs of the story first.

Over the years, I've worked my way through the vfx ranks.

I started in the roto/paint department, moving into compositing and then into comp supervising.

From there I split on-set supervision and dfx supervision, ultimately becoming a vfx supervisor. I've never skipped steps and always took the time to settle into each role confidently and comfortably.

I enjoy set dynamics, working as a crew and collaborating with various departments to find the best way to get the shot within any restraints. I also love guiding and motivating the artists as they hone in the shots to turn them into beautiful and polished frames and sequences.


Other things I enjoy are photography, running, learning Japanese and cats.

Recently finished projects

Bass Reeves - Paramount+

She Hulk - Marvel

No One Will Save You - Hulu

Criminal Minds - Hulu

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